To ensure a lifetime of freedom from student loan debt, start in Middle School. Focus NOW on career exploration and practice, practice, practice SPEED READING!!! This is the time to get healthy academic hygiene habits by applying for scholarships once a month!

Eight years and over 40 million in merit scholarships

Every child's first years are important. This is the time for practice, practice, practice with... MATH! It is also the time to start exploring leadership and service to the community!

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It's never too early (or late) to step away from student loan debt. The focus in high school is career-related community service. This strategy helps students achieve three important criteria needed for scholarships: leadership, service to the community and career exploration. 
Our mission is to provide strategies any student can use. We believe a bright, healthy future with zero student loan debt is something that benefits both the student and the community at large.
Pre-K - 5th grade

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​Dr. Monique Thompson

Every step away from student loan debt beautifies a community.

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It takes a lot of dedication to learn why students are not avoiding student loan debt. Over the last eight years, I have learned strategies that have helped students do the seemingly impossible - gather millions in merit scholarships even when they don't have the "grades". The internet is FULL of information. Expertise is still at a premium. I'm here to share with as many as I can all that works for students and help as many as possible.