Mayor Cornelious, a Senior Operations Engineer at Raytheon and graduate of the University of Arkansas, Pine Bluff, has long championed the cause of student scholarship. The Mayor states, "We want all students to participate. This is a way for strong students to lift up others and for students who are struggling to grow stronger. This competition gives the students in Little Elm a platform to showcase their academic talent and is open to any resident in Little Elm."

Dr. Monique Thompson, Founder of the Zero Debt College Project and College Scholarship Expert has helped students access over 43 million in merit scholarship offers since 2016. Dr. Thompson shares "We want students to know that in addition to the legacy of being a community leader, MLK was an intellectual. Students can follow this example by being leaders academically. We know that students with strong math skills tend to outpace their peers. Math proficiency influences students' academic potential as early as kindergarten, impacts social and emotional development, and helps students with college readiness."


REGISTRATION ENDS: January 15, 2024, MLK Day, honoring Martin Luther King, The Scholar!

There are two events:

Math Challenge: Practice MORE minutes than any other Mathlete to Win!
December 19, 2023 - March 13, 2023

This year, all Mathletes are getting FREE access to IXL for a full year!

After registration, students will be provided with access to IXL and given a free subscription good from December 19, 2023 to December 19, 2024.

Winners announced on March 14th (piDay) at the Mayor's Math Carnival. All Mathletes earn one carnival buck for every minute of math practice on IXL.

Mayor's Math Carnival: Spend your carnival bucks!

Let's Celebrate Math! This year's theme is Hidden Figures, in honor of Katherine Johnson (1918-2020), NASA Trailblazer and American Hero!  Look for special prizes related to Katherine Johnson. Learn more about Katherine Johnson HERE

Join us on piDay 6:30pm - 7:30pm!

Questions? email Dr. Monique Thompson

To commemorate MLK day, the Mayor of Little Elm, Curtis Cornelious, will host The Mayor's Math Challenge for grades PreK-8. Registration for the competition will kick off on December 19, 2023 and end on MLK Day, January 15, 2024. 

Event organizers include MLK Day to recognize Martin Luther King, Jr. the Scholar. Martin Luther King, Jr. entered college at age 15 after skipping both 9th and 11th grades and graduated from Morehouse College, at the age of 19. At the age of 22, Dr. King graduated valedictorian of his class from Crozer Theological Seminary.

The Math Carnival is dedicated to Katherine Johnson (1918-2020) American Hero and Mathematician.  Katherine's story has been captured in the film "Hidden Figures" which showcases her genius and inner strength.